Accident Reconstruction

Global Technology Experts provides a variety of accident reconstruction services that help support our clients needs. Accidents include not only motor vehicle incidents, but also construction equipment malfunctions; aircraft; slips/trips/falls on slippery surfaces; balcony and other structural failures; accidental shooting; factory equipment injuries; as well as many other types of accidents.

Reconstructing accidents begins with the acquisition of accident data such as through site inspections, direct and indirect measurements, historical documents on similar accidents, police reports, and witness interviews. With this information, models based on scientific principles are created to reconstruct scenarios on how the accident may have occurred. Analysis techniques are applied using these models to determine which of the scenarios are plausible and those that are implausible or unlikely. Then, animation through computer 2D or 3D graphics based on the results of these scientific models help to demonstrate arguments.


· Site Inspections
· Physical Measurements
· Witness Testimony
· Police Reports
· Equipment Specifications and Documentation
· Historical Documents/Accidents on Past Accidents


· Standard Reconstruction Techniques
· Physics-based Modeling
· Statistical Modeling and Analysis
· Fatigue Modeling and Analysis
· Electric Circuit Analysis / Logic Analysis


· 2 & 3 Dimensional Graphical Animations
· Laboratory Demonstrations
· Human Reenactments


GTE to participate at the Atlanta Claims Association Convention April 17-19, 2013. Please stop by our booth and speak with us.
George Kremer will be attending the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on September 13, 2012.
Dr. Ash Thakker attended the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on March 8, 2012. Wind damage to structures was the topic of discussion.
"...The case settled late last week... I wish to sincerely thank you and your staff for an excellent job. You were true professionals and I appreciated working with you. Thank you."
    -David A. Dorey
"...I want to thank you for your assistance as an expert and particularly your development of a theory of liability as to how the incident occurred. I would be glad to recommend your services to others who have a need for your expertise..."
    -Jack Herskowitz
"...Thank you very much for your consulting work on our case. Your initial report was very helpful in determining the technical cause of this incident..."
    -Robert E. Pinker