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Battery Failures, Testing, and Monitoring

Global Technology Experts (GTE) leverages core competency in electrochemical, chemical, materials, mechanical and electrical engineering and science to provide comprehensive support for developers, manufacturers and end-users of batteries.

A battery failure can result in electrical malfunction, thermal damage, case rupture, or combustion. A number of questions typically arise:

· Was the failure induced by external forces, such as severe mechanical damage or excessive heat exposure?

· Was the failure the result of cell, protection circuitry, or battery design? And if so, what types of design modification should be considered?

· Was the failure the result of an internal cell fault or a battery-manufacturing flaw that was not detected by the quality control procedures put in place by the manufacturer? And if so, what additional procedures should be implemented?

· Does the failure represent a random occurrence or is it an early sign of a developing trend

Finding the root causes of the battery failure can be difficult, particularly when the failed product or system has been heavily damaged. Based on numerous battery failure analysis investigations, GTE has developed a systematic investigation approach that has proven effective in identifying the particular causes of any given failure and developing recommendations for corrective action as appropriate.

This method may include techniques such as:

· Battery pack/cell disassembly
· X-ray/Scanning
· Electron Microscopy examination
· Material and metallographic examination
· System analysis and testing
· Charge/discharge testing
· Battery protection circuit analysis & testing
· AC adaptor electrical testing
· Failure replication testing

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