Heavy & Construction Equipment Failures

Heavy construction is an inherently hazardous industry. Even the most carefully supervised construction sites can pose significant risks to construction personnel and property. Minor injuries are an everyday occurrence, and major or even fatal injuries are always lurking. Workers are subject to falls, crushing injuries, electrocution, engulfment and even drowning. Heavy equipment of all kinds is in use including earth movers, bulldozers, backhoes, cranes and forklifts. Smaller equipment—equally dangerous in its own right—includes welders, riveters, pneumatic nailers and a host of even smaller personal tools. Even construction elevators take their toll. Our construction machinery/equipment experts have years of experience on various construction machinery and are well aware of these dangers. We examine the site, the equipment in use and procedures in place—whether they were followed or not—to determine how the accident happened. Then they can quickly advise as to the causation so steps can be taken to prevent recurrence. Mechanical/Electrical/Metallurgical engineers investigate failed equipment, toppled cranes and similar problems to determine the cause and possibly suggest subrogation opportunities.


GTE to participate at the Atlanta Claims Association Convention April 17-19, 2013. Please stop by our booth and speak with us.
George Kremer will be attending the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on September 13, 2012.
Dr. Ash Thakker attended the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on March 8, 2012. Wind damage to structures was the topic of discussion.
"...The case settled late last week... I wish to sincerely thank you and your staff for an excellent job. You were true professionals and I appreciated working with you. Thank you."
    -David A. Dorey
"...I want to thank you for your assistance as an expert and particularly your development of a theory of liability as to how the incident occurred. I would be glad to recommend your services to others who have a need for your expertise..."
    -Jack Herskowitz
"...Thank you very much for your consulting work on our case. Your initial report was very helpful in determining the technical cause of this incident..."
    -Robert E. Pinker