Energy Management

Energy consumption is one of the main concerns for most of the commercial or institutional building owners today. Many of them neglect the crucial aspect of conserving energy and pay huge electrical bills. As building energy efficiency experts, Global Technology Experts (GTE) analyzes, tests and provides solution for the energy management of buildings, including HVAC systems, Lighting System, Electrical systems and building envelopes. To develop the complete solution, GTE performs inspections, energy audits, testing and measurement and review of design documents, energy modeling and calculations. Our mission is to create added value through the design and implementation of targeted energy efficiency solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients, by assembling competitive talent to deliver excellence. Hands-on measurement and verification of energy savings is at the core of our services. Before, during, and after implementation of energy savings measures, our expertise helps to identify, quantify, and manage energy and operational risk for our clients. From spot measurements, to baseline data-logging, to internet-based monitoring systems, our experts handle the data and transform it into the information you need to manage your energy investment.

GTE's staff of mechanical, electrical and civil engineers and has experience in all facets of energy efficiency consulting that extends to all types of facilities, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, institutional facilities, industrial facilities and central plants.

KVEC Energy Controller System: This system reduces the amount of energy being pulled through the electric meter. In addition to reducing the operating costs of the motor, KVEC helps prolong its service life by improving the “power factor”. For an electric motor, an improved power factor means the motor will run cooler, be less stressed, and thus have a longer service life. This reduces the energy bill without affecting the power needed by the motor. The cost of KVEC can be recovered in less than 12 months and has a service life of 20+ years.

ZeroEnergy Water Heating System: ZeroEnergy Water Heating System uses waste heat from the air conditioning system to heat water. The system is virtually maintenance free system and does not require any electrical input or pumps. It can save an average of 60 to 90% of normal water heating cost and has super-quick average payback period 1 to 2 years depending on the application.

Solar Lighting:  GTE has broad selection of self-contained solar power lighting fixtures for both commercial and domestic to cover various needs, such as, street lights, flood lights for parking lots, walkways, parks and campground area, boat docks etc.

LED Lighting:  LED bulbs use 90% less electricity than standard bulbs and have an unparalleled even spectrum of light and have a lifespan beyond ten years. We have a wide selection of replacement options for LED lighting, i.e.,

· 4.5 Watt LED MR16: Directly replace halogen up to 50 Watt

· 15 Watt T8 Tube Light: Replaces 48” tube lights 18 Watt

· PAR 38: Directly replace halogen up to 75 Watt

· Indoor/Outdoor use 30 Watt Moonraker: Indoor, outdoor street, parking garage, gas station canopies

· 47 Watt Recessed LED fixture: Low profile ceiling light


GTE to participate at the Atlanta Claims Association Convention April 17-19, 2013. Please stop by our booth and speak with us.
George Kremer will be attending the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on September 13, 2012.
Dr. Ash Thakker attended the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on March 8, 2012. Wind damage to structures was the topic of discussion.
"...The case settled late last week... I wish to sincerely thank you and your staff for an excellent job. You were true professionals and I appreciated working with you. Thank you."
    -David A. Dorey
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