Metallurgical Investigation

Global Technology Experts has the capability to perform basic and complex metallurgical, property structural integrity investigations for our clients. Degreed and certified engineers supervise all investigations. We can provide a basic evaluation of a simple component, or complex investigations where considerations of how each and every component resulted in failure of the assembly, or structure. GTE uses state-of-the-art inspection equipment and works directly with local testing laboratories to assure that the root cause of the failure is determined in a timely manner. In addition to Metallurgical Investigations, we are involved in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Structural and Electrical Engineering Studies and Expert Witness Testimony.

Global Technology Experts performs technical investigations by obtaining a complete understanding of the details of the failure or loss. This occurs by discussions with applicable attorneys, clients, witnesses and insurance agents. GTE then recommends to our clients the fastest and most economical method of supporting the suspected reason, or reasons, why the failure occurred, or how the loss could have been prevented.

The metallurgists at GTE take great care in preserving and handling the surfaces of failed sections in an effort to derive the maximum amount of information for our investigations, thereby eliminating errors when final conclusions are made. We then perform a thorough Non-Destructive Evaluation, which includes:

· Accident / Loss

· Recreation of the failed surface using plaster or rubber molding techniques

· Reconstruction Photographic (35mm & Digital) and / or Video Documentation

· Measurement Techniques - using micrometers, calipers and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines)

· Composition and Arrangement of Presentation Materials; such as: Diagrams,Sketches, Photos, Circuit Boards, 1/10th size Scale Layouts, etc.

· Radiographic, Fluorescent Penetrant, Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing

· Fiber Optic and / or Electrical Testing, Electronics / Circuitry Testing

GTE also performs Destructive Evaluation when required to support the results and conclusions obtained from the Non-Destructive Tests. Destructive Testing involves destroying prepared sections to obtain considerably more technical information about the sections in order to determine the exact failure mode. Destructive tests often involve careful micro-sectioning of critical components, then preparing the sectioned components for evaluation using:

· Bench and Stereo Microscopes
· Light Microscopes
· SEM and TEM (Scanning and Transmission)
· Electron Microprobe Equipment
· Spectrometers, and EDAX (Energy Disperse X-Ray Equipment)

In this manner, we can obtain information about:

· The material’s chemistry

· Reveal and show the presence of cracks, voids and porosity

· Show and document fracture surfaces

· Expose weld and / or braze defects

· Obtain the materials hardness and the micro-hardness of metallurgical phases

· Determine the extent, or lack of, heat treatments and other surface treatments such as: coatings, plating, carbonization zones, etc.

· Property evaluations

We also perform Bench Testing to recreate the accident or loss. Bench testing is used to reconstruct or recreate the failure mode. This final phase of testing is very important because it shows to both jury and opposing sides exactly how the failure or loss occurred. Typically, bench tests are either brought into a courtroom, or videotapes of bench testing are shown to the court as convincing and conclusive evidence of exactly how the failure of loss occurred.


GTE to participate at the Atlanta Claims Association Convention April 17-19, 2013. Please stop by our booth and speak with us.
George Kremer will be attending the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on September 13, 2012.
Dr. Ash Thakker attended the Southern Loss Association held at Ravina Club on March 8, 2012. Wind damage to structures was the topic of discussion.
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